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Buying with me 

Thinking of buying a property? Whether it be your first purchase or life events involving relocation, finding a home that is perfect for you and your family is an exciting project that demands time and energy.


It is advisable to entrust this task to a real estate broker.  As a broker, I will help you in your search, understand your needs and select properties that meet your expectations and I will accompany you during showings. Providing an unbiased opinion and all the explanations required in the decision-making process, my expertise in real estate and my knowledge of Quebec neighbourhoods will definitely bring added value to your transaction and will be invaluable during negotiations, at the inspection and at the signing of legal documents, such as the deed of sale.

Contact me at the beginning fo your search to make this purchase a success and an experience to remember!

Buying process

First Meeting

A first meeting aiming to get to know you more and circle your needs will occur in the following days after we get in touch. 

Mortgage Pre-approval

If you haven't done this step, do not worry. I will refer you to a mortgage representative to identify the maximum loan you can afford.

House shopping

Now the fun part begins! After submitting you potential properties that match your criteria, we will start the hunt. Wether we need to look at 2 or 40 properties, I will be there with you all along. 

Promise to purchase

Also known as the offer, now comes the time to write it down on paper and present it to the sellers.Together we will establish the  right price to offer and the strategy to seal the deal in a way that benefits both parties.

Let's go house hunting!
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